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August 1st, 2012

posted at 3:53PM.


Uniform Policy

Entheos Academy has the following uniform policy.
A key element of our dress code is for students to take pride in their appearance. In support of this concept, necessary emphasis will be placed on students' grooming and hygiene as well as attire. The dress code is in place to encourage our students to respect themselves and their peers, while working in a professional environment.

The purpose of the Uniform Policy at Entheos is to improve the learning environment by:
Ensuring clothing is modest and non-offensive.
Reducing peer pressure and emphasis on name brand clothing.
Minimizing health and safety concerns.
Helping to teach children respect in the way they dress, which influences the way they act.

Students may wear any solid Maroon, Navy, or White collared shirt that:
1. Is a polo shirt, button down or full folding turtleneck. Is long enough to be tucked in. Particular attention will be paid to the length of students' shirts.
2. Has no printing or graphics on it.
3. Has sleeves that cover the shoulders under the arm.
4. Is not sheer or otherwise revealing.
5. Is not torn or purposely frayed.
6. Is clean.
Students may wear any shirt underneath their collared shirt as long as it is consistent with the dress code colors and has no printing on it. Students may wear a solid sweater, vest, or jacket (no hoods) over their collared top as long as it is consistent with one of the allowable shirt colors. Students must purchase at least one navy shirt with the school emblem on it. This will be worn whenever the students leave the school building for fieldwork. A shirt with a small brand name logo (smaller than a quarter) is acceptable.

Students may wear any solid tan or navy pant, capri, short, or skirt that:
1. May be made of chino, twill, corduroy, or of dress pant quality material.
2. Is not denim, nylon, sweatshirt, leather, knit, velour, or any other stretch type or vinyl material.
3. Goes to the middle of the knee or longer
4. Have no holes
5. Is clean
Belts must be conservative and of one solid color.

Girls may wear and solid Maroon, Navy, Tan, or White dress that:
1. Has a collar
2. Goes to the middle of the knee or longer
3. Has sleeves that cover the shoulders and under the arm
4. Is not denim, nylon, sweatshirt, leather, or vinyl material
5. Is not sheer or otherwise revealing
6. Is clean.

Students must wear shoes that can be used for everyday use. All shoes must have a strap or some kind of back on the shoe so that it doesn't slip off the feet. Students MAY NOT wear:
1. Shoes with wheels
2. Slippers
3. Flip-flops
4. Shoes that distract from learning
Students will need a pair of sturdy hiking or walking shoes for outside excursions. It is possible that a specific type of shoe will be needed for a specific activity. Examples include horse riding, rock climbing, back packing, water activities, etc. If so, notification will be given in advance.

Students may wear their hair in any way that is not so extreme in style or color that it distracts from the learning environment.

1. Body piercing will be limited to one pair of conservative earrings that do not draw attention. Other jewelry may not be excessive or distract from the learning environment. No chains may be worn other than around the neck or wrist and must be unobtrusive.
2. One conservative bracelet per arm.
3. One conservative necklace.
4. Tattoos must be covered and unseen at all times.
5. Tights and/or long stocking must be solid white or blue.
6. Backpacks, purses, and bags should be conservative and non-distracting.
Uniform items not specifically covered but considered inappropriate or contrary to the purpose of the Uniform Policy are subject to review and interpretation by the Board or the Administrators in charge of executing the Uniform Policy. Uniform compliance is mandatory with no opt-out policy other than stated below and consequences for violation will be enforced.

Uniform Policy exemption may be granted by the Board of Directors based on:
1. Religious beliefs
2. Extenuating circumstances

The school will help with the acquisition of the required uniforms by:
1. Facilitating the gathering and distribution of used uniforms.
2. Helping the funding of uniforms for economically disadvanted students through scholarship or work programs.
3. Other programs to make school uniforms available.

If a teacher or administrator feels that a student has come to school inappropriately attired according to the Uniform Policy, the student will be sent to the administrator in charge of executing the Uniform Policy to make the determination if the student is in violation. If the administrator determines that the student has violated uniform policy then:
1. Parents will be called to bring proper clothing and the student will remain in the office until clothing arrives.
2. For subsequent violation, a note will be sent home and the student will be required to compensate the teachers and/or administrators for their time in dealing with the violation. Compensation will be required and may involve after school hours.
3. Perpetual violation of the Uniform Policy will be handled on an individual basis according to the nature of the violation and may result in expulsion from Entheos.
4. The student may be subject to the School Governance Committee action, or may appeal decisions to the Governance Committee. (Student Government)
5. The student or parent of the student may appeal decisions made to the Board of Trustees for final decision.

Here is a typical uniform:

July 31st, 2012

posted at 9:31AM.